Project for ExpoForum
Virtual Tour
Branded VR videoclip about the largest exhibition space in Saint Petersburg.
This is video in a VR format. To change viewing angle, please tilt your phone using the YouTube app or drag a mouse on your desktop computer
About the project
ExpoForum is an exhibition and convention center situated in a historically significant area Pulkovskoe and erected in 2014 to substitute technically obsolete and outdated center "LenExpo" on Vasilievsky Island. To demonstrate the viewers the size and massiveness of ExpoForum, it was decided that virtual reality format would be the best to place the client right into the ExpoForum spaces and let the customers feel the true atmosphere of the center. We also decided to film the tour from the first-person perspective as if the viewer was the ExpoForum guest having overview tour in the real world. This is absolute sense of immersion!
Head-mounted camera for first-person shots
The operator's head is hidden under the shirt, so that later, when the viewer looks in a VR headset while watching a video, he sees not the top of the operator's head, but the collar of the hero, from whose face he is watching the scene.
Maxim Nikonov and Ivan Gaukov at Expoforum on the shooting
Ivan Gaukov is our cameraman in the image of the main hero
With the camera on your head under your shirt, constantly pulling your neck in, it is very difficult to keep the camera upright.
Готовимся к съемкам - тестируем крепление камер