Our Studio have come a long way since the very emergence of VR technologies, gradually evolving along the development of this industry up to day. We are the Russia's first team started researching and introducing VR technologies to market. We proudly keep our records and are pleased to share them with you

RosVR Studio is a Russian VR Production Company, oriented at making movies, 360 3D videoclips, and interactive VR applications allowing everyone to experience true depth of immersion into virtual world. Although formally the firm was incorporated on November 6, 2018, the team has successfully worked on this since 2014.
Mr. Maxim Nikonov, RosVR founder and pioneer in Russian VR cinematography, was speaking at the conference TEDxYouth in historical park "Russia – My History" about influence of virtual technologies on development of VR industry in filmmaking as well as about the the RosVR team origins.
"I remember a day when my university peer Mr. Oleg Hohlov bought a headset Oculus DK1 and brought it to my place. By this moment I had already had some expertise in making 360o and even stereo 360o videos and actually I never thought my videos could be played using VR headset. So, this was the day when we were watching my works for the first time and we were absolutely stunned! It was a real feeling of immersion into the video like you were teleporting right into the footage you had made. For the first time in history of cinema viewers could actually blur the boundaries between the screen and seats in cinema theater, being able to submerge in an immersive video environment.
The impression after watching got me so excited that I immediately decided to take this technology on board when making all video content in the future. It became so clear for me that this is a niche I should pick as no one at those time had ever thought about making videos in 360o whereas I was full of plans and ideas. Shortly after I set off on a mission to shoot the world's first interactive 360o feature film."
Maksim Nikonov, producer, filmmaker
Key Studio Event
The First Meeting with VIDEO360

September 2013
The first touch to the spherical panoramas shooting technique. This is the time when perspectives of 360 video inspired Maxim to start working towards this field
Research and Experiments

September 2013 -
September 2014
Technological research and first experiments on practice in making 360 videos. There were neither special cameras nor software for such work, so we basically sketched everything on the back of a napkin. Pilot videos in Saint Petersburg were being produced
First Demonstration of Video360 in Oculus Rift DK1

December 30, 2013
The very first experience we were watching our own 360 works in a headset. The day when we had realized this was what we were going to do further
The Book "New Type of
Cinematography" Published

October 15, 2014
Mr. Nikonov published the book describing the notion about how new type of cinematography and television based on modern interactive multimedia technologies could be possibly created. An extensive research of expressive opportunities and medium of interactive videos predetermined the features of this creative moviemaking industry starting from a feature film, computer game, and described perspectives of modern interactive video technologies. Theoretical facts substantiated practical achievements in this field, describing new form of video playback using VR headset Oculus Rift
Lecture at the 1st VR Challenges Meet-up

December 6, 2014
At this meet-up Mr. Maxim Nikonov and Mr. Oleg Hohlov met the organizer of GeekPicnic Festival that laid the groundwork for the future concept of ChernobylVR movie
Session of Mr. Maxim Nikonov in RWS Film Studio in Saint

February 7, 2015
RWS Studio in Saint Petersburg hosted a seminar about development of interactive cinematography taking advantages of a new 360 format and modern multimedia technologies. It is worth noting that seminar was held within the platform of Russian World Studios Production Center, where among all other things quite interesting and faithful meeting with RWS artclub took place
ChernobylVR Project Announced at TechTrendsExpo

March 28-29, 2015
Exhibition on modern achievements in various fields of science and art in Technolpolis Center in Moscow and Holiday Inn in Saint Petersburg on 28-29 of March and 04-05 of April respectively was held
Establishment of CINEMACTIVE Team

April 2015
We were in need of devising some unique brand name for our team to convey our intense VR filmmaking activity. The name came to our mind was Cinemactive that stands for a combination of the words "cinema" and "interactive". Under this brand Mr. Maxim Nikonov and Mr. Oleg Hohlov continued their steps on development of virtual reality in Russia. In fact, at that moment Cinemactive team consisted of both of them only
First VR Tour over Saint Petersburg

June 2015
In June 2015 RosVR studio makes a truly unique project – aerial 360 video tour of the city of St. Petersburg called "PetersburgVR". We got invaluable experience of shooting aerial spherical video panoramas and gifted the city a part of our creative energy that turned into a new VR experience for tourists coming to Saint Petersburg
First Filming in Hong-Kong

November 2015
In the end of 2015 we brought our VR filmmaking technology to Hong-Kong and made first footage with drone partnering with Spontaneous Combustion Productions Company
Cinemactive Company Transforms into LenVR

May 2016
In 2015 we started actively developing new filmmaking trends – "VR 360 3D". During this period, we took part in many interesting conferences and festivals, gave master-classes, made our videos, researched new filming techniques and methods, that eventually resulted in gaining unprecedented experience, collaborating with principal VR partners, having new movies released and excited projects done
Participation in Planning the First Russian VR Film Festival – EMC VR FILM FESTIVAL

June 19, 2016
The first Russian film festival held in 2016 premiered our first documental VR video about Hong-Kong and teased the visitors with another work showcasing mount Elbrus. In partnership with Moscow Film School we were pre-selecting students' movies to be shown at the festival
New Article "Expressive Creative Techniques in a VR Cinematography" Published

July 6, 2016
Maxim Nikonov while working on academic researches, published another article, vividly illustrating the most essential expressive VR techniques
Filming VR Elbrus

August 2016
Filming of the Russia's first VR movie about climbing mount Elbrus
Filming of the Russia's First VR Horror – "Out of Body"

May 2017
The first Russian film festival held premiered our first documental VR video about Hong-Kong and teased the visitors with another work showcasing mount Elbrus. In partnership with Moscow Film School we were pre-selecting students' movies to be shown at the festival
Participation in a VR Programme of Moscow International Film Festival

June 23, 2017
The first-ever Moscow International Film Festival that demonstrated VR films
RosVR Incorporation

November 6, 2018
Maxim Nikonov took a decision to incorporate RosVR Studio
"The Dawn" Movie Teases Viewers at Comic Con 2018

November 7, 2018
The first teaser of "The Dawn" movie that we shot in a virtual reality format premiered at Comic Con 2018. This is another huge step in development of Russian VR cinematography
Commencement of the Project "Time Portal Berlin"

This project set the bar in the industry really high. RosVR took up the work on creating a VR movie about Berlin history with detailed reconstruction of large-scale historical scenes. While working over the project we managed to master exclusive technical filmmaking methods, making it plausible to solve the most complex professional tasks
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RosVR Photo History
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