The First Russian VR Horror Movie
A live-action film shot in a virtual reality format. Full 13-minute horror-movie about life after death. Experimental format.
This is video in a VR format. To change viewing angle, please tilt your phone using the YouTube app or drag a mouse on your desktop computer.
About the Project
A scientist who left his daughter is researching phenomena of life after death and conducts a risky experiment supposed to prove afterlife existence. The experiment itself is based on real events – a test person has to come out of his body, get into the room next to him and remember pre-readied plates with symbols, so after coming back he'd say what he saw while being out. In reality, the scientist not only met his daughter but also faced a ghost of one of his previous test persons, who was trying to obsess the murderer's body while looking for vengeance. Would the scientist find a way back into his body?

Directed, produced and created by Maxim Nikonov
The 2nd Director - Herald Vestnik
Co-author: Maxim Nikonov, Herald Vestnik, Dina Fursova
Operator – Ivan Kotelnikov
Sound producer - Mikhail Zafman
Makeup: Irina Pichukan

Alesya Gaevskaya – daugher's spirit
Denis Shvets – vengeful ghost
Maria Rumyantseva - lab worker
Fedor Selnikov – test person
Yuriy Utkin – Scientist
How was the movie made?
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