A Guest from the Past
A branded VR movie about the most fascinating Sberbank divisions in Saint Petersburg as at 2018.
This is video in a VR format. To change viewing angle, please tilt your phone using the YouTube app or drag a mouse on your desktop computer.
About the project
This is the first VR 360 film shot and produced for North-Western Sberbank in the beginning of 2018, telling the story about the most interesting divisions in the city of Saint Petersburg. The VR format is perfect to combine demonstration of new bank customer places with sense of immersion the viewers will experience. The movie also features the art of acting, staged and some documentary scenes shot in real Sberbank divisions.

Duration: 12 mins
Sound: Stereo
Video: 4K VR 360 2D

Maxim Nikonov shooting the movie at VIP Division of Sberbank at Ploshchad' Konstitutsii Street, Saint Petersburg.
For making this video for Sberbank we used new techniques of camera mounting and movement that we had developed while filming the first Russian VR horror movie "Out of Body". Such approach made it possible to shot truly unique 360 images in motion without camera dolly use.
Fedor Selking playing Nikolai Kristofarii
The role of Nikolai Kristofarii, the first bank depositor, was played by Fedor Selkin
Nikolai Kristofari is travelling in time
Image from VR Movie for Sberbank, where a character of Nikolai Kristofarii helps a customer's daughter to reach a balloon.
Filming in the Coin Boutique at Monetnaya Street, Saint Petersburg.
Film director Maxim Nikonov with the actor Fedor Selkin filming VR movie for Sberbank "A Guest from the Past"
Inside of Dumskaya Tower
One of the scenes was shot at a famous tower at the intersection of Nevsky Avenue and Dumskaya Street. There is a Sberbank museum here now with quite interesting exhibits.
Nikolai Kristofarii
A monument of the first bank depositor, mounted in Sberbank division at 101 Nevsky Avenue.
Outside the Coin Boutique
Bypassers were amused seeing a guest from the past at the street.
Nikolai Kristofarii in VIP Division of Sberbank at Ploshchad' Konstitutsii Street, Saint Petersburg
We didn't expect that Sberbank has such a beautiful and modern divisions. We can now safely say they challenged the stereotypes while we were making the movie