VR Lesson of Financial Literacy
Educational VR Ppoject of Sberbank for schoolers.
This is video in a VR format. To change viewing angle, please tilt your phone using the YouTube app or drag a mouse on your desktop computer
About the project
In spring 2018 we assisted North-Western Sberbank to have a quite new for both of us project produced - Financial Literacy Lesson for schoolers shot in the VR format. The goal of the project was to educate the schoolers about what the money is and the ways how they must be handled to improve the wellbeing.
Film production team RosVR with Sberbank's employees
Filmmaking is always quite interesting and joyful if everything goes as planned and arranged.
Main characters of Financial Literacy Lesson
Anatoly Lokotkov, Deputy Chairman of North-western bank of PAO Sberbank, and a bank worker explain to a boy named Vova how he can use a bank card.
Anatoly Lokotkov
Anatoly Lokotkov is a Deputy Chairman of North-western bank of PAO Sberbank is watching Financial Literacy Lesson for the first time.
Schoolers at the VR lesson
September 7, Saint Petersburg. Schoolers are studying Sberbank financial literacy in the format of virtual reality. We are happy to see the credence Sberbank gave to us, so we could successfully arrange this VR Lesson.