VR Movie Teaser
The Dawn
VR Promo Video shot by ROSVR Studio for promotion of "The Dawn" movie
About the Project
Starkon, the largest in CIS festival of science fiction, November 2018. Our team teased the visitors with absolutely new Russian horror movie "The Dawn". The teaser was made in the format of virtual reality for "Force Media" Company.

Given that "Force Media" company aside from traditional cinematographic techniques was taking advantage of virtual reality technology, a certain interest of motion-picture industry to VR opportunities is there for all to see, equally promoting and advancing modern VR technology. Today the virtual reality is the format for making film promos, but tomorrow this could be full-length feature movie-stories to form an altogether new niche of a screen culture.

The movie plot is centered around lucid dreams and parasomnia, telling the story about a girl who had lost her brother under mysterious circumstances. Shortly after this she finds herself haunted by realistic nightmares, and takes a decision to visit a somnology center, where she along with other patients is settled down to collective lucid dream. However, after waking up all the patients are caught in the reality that is a way more frightening than any nightmare.